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Is There a Wrong Way of Praying?

How would your life change if you prayed effectively?

My book How to Subsist on Prayer offers effective mindsets and methods of prayer that can make your prayer life become an avenue for deeper understanding of your relationship to God and the Universe.

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Sanctify your Mind!

Sanctification is a purification process that sets the tone for effective prayer.

Wash your mind with good uplifting thoughts as your enter your prayers. A calm peaceful mind sets the tone for your communion with God.


Pray for other people more than you pray for yourself.


Believe in what you are praying.


Sincerity will go along way in being able to recognize the fruits of your prayers. In other words pray in a way that you can understand God's answers to your prayer.


Be smart in how you pray. God appreciates an intelligent prayer.


Make your requests known to God. It's ok to ask for yourself for guidance, wisdom, opportunity, etc.


Trust that God will answer your effective prayers in the right time for you. Enjoy the peace that surpasses all understanding.

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